Mission and Objectives

Blueclinical CRP (“Clinical Research Partnership”) mission is to support the activity of clinical research centres, promoting mutual growth, efficiency and excellence in clinical research.

Blueclinical CRP is highly committed to ensuring successful research in the research centers it supports, for the wellness of patients, institutions, investigators and society as a whole. To achieve that objective, Blueclinical CRP aims to fuel the creation of highly motivated and organized research teams, who are focused on complying with all applicable legal requirements, and the best ethical and quality standards.

The major limitations to the efficiency of clinical research are factors of administrative or organizational nature. Thus, an efficient organisation and management of clinical research centres is critical to the success of clinical research here performed.

The research activity in the clinical sites supported by Blueclinical CRP mainly founded on:


All clinical research related activities are performed under a quality management system. This system aims to document and standardize, by means of written standard operating procedures, all the critical clinical research activities, in order to maximize the efficiency of the processes and to assure full compliance with good clinical practices and the legal and ethical requirements.


Since high performance of every member of the research team is crucial for developing excellence in research, training and qualification is a mandatory requisite. Thus, Blueclinical CRP stimulates and supports the certification of investigators in clinical research.


Every centre is supported by local clinical research coordinators provided by Blueclinical CRP.


Daniela Mar, PhD, MBA
Deputy Business Development Director