Blueclinical CRP activity keeps growing
Sep 2016

Blueclinical CRP is highly committed to help National Health Service institutions in organizing themselves to deliver efficient and qualified clinical research. Our dedicated Clinical Research Coordinators, exclusively assigned to each network institution, have been actively supporting clinical investigators to excel at their job in clinical trials.

Since 2013, ten entities of the National Health System have adhered to Blueclinical CRP network. There are three new entities in the process of joining Blueclinical CRP network, we will tell all about it in the near future.

By the end of 2016´s first quarter Blueclinical CRP had 310 active clinical sites: 238 involved in clinical trials and 72 in observational studies. Overall, Blueclinical has been involved in over 250 clinical trials sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.

Blueclinical CRP’s growth largely exceeds the growth of clinical trials in Portugal.