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Blueclinical is now certified by Crédit Impôt Recherche (Research Tax Credit) in France

We are pleased to announce that Blueclinical has been accredited by the French authorities to Crédit Impôt Recherche. As such, French companies carrying out research activities with Blueclinical have a significant competitive advantage: tax credit of 30% of the value of the investment made.

Blueclinical helped Labfit’s journey from Bench to Bedside
Blueclinical has helped another start-up on its from bench to bedside journey. Labfit has developed a medical device for chronic non-hypertrophic vulvar dermatosis and is currently undergoing clinical study in patients.
Blueclinical is a NOS Innovation Award finalist
Blueclinical is organized into three distinct but highly complementary business units: R & D Blueclinical, Blueclinical Phase I and Blueclinical CRP. Blueclinical’s organization provides an integrated approach in translational research and constitutes a unique and highly innovative concept in Portugal and internationally. Thus, Blueclinical decided to apply for the NOS Innovation Awards and is currently on the list of finalists.
EC granted € 5M to a consortium in which Blueclinical is responsible for the regulatory plan and early clinical trials
Blueclinical is part of a H2020 Consortium which is working on an innovative approach to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis. It should reach phase I clinical trials in 2018.
Blueclinical has implemented and is managing the clinical trial of the first oncological drug.
Luzitin S.A. is one of the Portuguese start-ups which Blueclinical helped going from bench to clinical trials. Its Phase I/II clinical trial in advanced head and neck cancer is currently ongoing at Hospital CUF Porto and IPO Porto.
Blueclinical has helped another portuguesa start-up company to reach clinical trials.
Personalized medicine is getting closer. The first Portuguese clinical trial based on a predictive genetic biomarker of body weight and/or fat mass reduction, is from a Portuguese start-up and has Blueclinical’s cooperation.
Blueclinical CRP activity keeps growing
Blueclinical was created to serve the society, patients, institutions, clinical investigators and sponsors. Blueclinical CRP is a living proof of this.