June, 2019

MDevNet: National Network for Knowledge Transfer on Medical Devices

Blueclinical is an active Member of MDevNet, the National Network for Knowledge Transfer on Medical Devices.

Clinical Trial - Alzheimer's Disease

ULSM (Unidade Local de Saúde de Matosinhos) is currently conducting an Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trial. For more informations, please contact: crpulsm@blueclinical.pt | 910 016 380

February, 2019

Press Release - Viedoc

Blueclinical Expands Business with Viedoc to Accelerate Bioequivalence and Early-Stage Clinical Studies

November, 2016

Blueclinical helped Labfit’s journey from Bench to Bedside

Blueclinical has helped another start-up on its from bench to bedside journey. Labfit has developed a medical device for chronic non-hypertrophic vulvar dermatosis and is currently undergoing clinical study in patients.