About Us

Blueclinical is a privately owned independent full-service CRO

focused on bioequivalence and early-stage clinical studies in healthy subjects and patients, translational medicine consultancy, and site management.
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A Blueclinical está a implementar vários ensaios clínicos em participantes saudáveis.

Informação sobre ensaios clínicos e sobre a forma de candidatura a participação pode ser encontrada na página dos participantes.
October, 2019

CPhI 2019 Frankfurt

BlueClinical will be present in CPhI Worldwide 2019 in Frankfurt.

June, 2019

MDevNet: National Network for Knowledge Transfer on Medical Devices

Blueclinical is an active Member of MDevNet, the National Network for Knowledge Transfer on Medical Devices.

Clinical Trial - Alzheimer's Disease

ULSM (Unidade Local de Saúde de Matosinhos) is currently conducting an Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trial. For more informations, please contact: crpulsm@blueclinical.pt | 910 016 380